XE 90 Gas Furnace - C S Myers & Son

Winter Comfort Sweet and Simple.

1xe90gfdImagine being so warm and comfortable inside your home that you’re not even aware of those sub-zero winter mornings. That’s life with a Trane XE 90 gas furnace. The XE 90 is one of the most efficient heating systems on the market today. In fact, it’s over 90% efficient. More than 90% of the fuel you pay for is turned into heat. That means more comfort for the money and greater peace of mind.

A 90% furnace replacing a 55% efficient one could knock approximately 40% off your gas bill. If you are paying $800 per season today, save $310. Multiply that over the lifetime of your furnace.


  • Insulated Cabinet – Minimizes heat loss and reduces noise.
  • Primary Heat Exchanger – Made of heavy duty aluminized steel for long life. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Power Vent Fan – Pulls hot combustion gases through the secondary heat exchanger, so less heat escapes up the flue.
  • Hot Surface Igniter – Starts burners electrically, eliminating a wasteful pilot light. A real energy saver. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Multi-Port In-Shot Burners – Orifice design perfectly shapes the flame cone for the maximum heat possible, while using less fuel.
  • Self-Diagnostic Controls – The solid state brain controls every function of the XE 90 with digital accuracy, complete with safety features and a built-in troubleshooting system. Backed by 3-year limited warranty.
  • AL29-4C Stainless Steel Secondary Heat Exchanger – Captures more of the heat you pay for. Also backed by a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Internal Vent Pipe – Made of long-lasting CPVC plastic.
  • Multi-Speed Blower Motor – Operates quietly, efficiently at low speed, gently warming and maintaining comfort. High speed facilitates peak heating needs. Handles all central air conditioning needs for year ’round comfort.
  • Cleanable Filter – Lets you rinse or vacuum instead of buying replacements each time.
  • Heavy Steel Cabinet – Assures quieter operation, greater strength and durability. Electro-depostion dip finish resists rust and corrosion and creates a strong, uniform surface.