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Heating & Cooling Services

The Heating and Cooling system is the heart of your home. It’s extremely important that the Heating and Cooling System you choose is properly sized, designed, and installed to ensure years of efficient and hassle free comfort. Comfort is the most important factor to

Air Duct Cleaning Services

The air you breath in your home every day is circulated through your air duct system. Over the years, a large quantity of dust settles in your air ducts. In this dirty environment pollen collects while mold and bacteria grow and thrive. Chances are that one of the most

Petroleum Delivery

C.S. Myers and Son, Inc. provides heating fuels to customers throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our heating oil and kerosene customers have depended on accurate and professional service for over 50 years. We feature automatic fuel delivery and budget plans as well

HVAC Systems

C.S. Myers & Son, Inc. has a long standing tradition of supplying our customers with the highest quality heating and cooling systems in production. We recommend these manufacturers of quality systems as options for your new heating and cooling system. We will work with you to choose

Air Quality

With the realization that our natural resources can not be squandered, energy efficiency has become a growing issue in the past several years. The importance of conserving energy whenever possible has made us look at our lifestyles and how we can institute improvements.