Air Quality - C S Myers & Son

With the realization that our natural resources can not be squandered, energy efficiency has become a growing issue in the past several years. The importance of conserving energy whenever possible has made us look at our lifestyles and how we can institute improvements.

A great deal of energy is used to condition the air inside our homes and workplaces, allowing us a more comfortable indoor environment. In order to conserve, construction techniques have improved resulting in tighter buildings. More insulation is used in walls, and doors and windows are tightly sealed, thus conserving energy by ending the escape of conditioned air. However, as a result of this effort, indoor air runs the risk of higher pollution due to poor circulation. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has listed indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental issues.

Poor indoor air can carry six times the amount of carbon dioxide as outdoor air, leaving you sluggish and tired. Within the walls of a sealed room air becomes stale from tobacco smoke, fumes from cooking and household chemicals, gases, dust, plant spores and pollen that gather. These cause innumerable health problems and unnecessary risks.

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