TWE Variable Speed Air Handler - C S Myers & Son

1airhndlrdThe Home Comfort Pop Quiz.

  • Do you hear your system “kick on?”
  • When it does, do you feel a blast of air?
  • Does the fan noise drown out your voice during a phone call?
  • Does the temperature in your home go up and down like a roller coaster?
  • Does your house feel damp inside?
  • Do your cooling bills make you shudder?

If you answered yes to at least two of these questions then you should investigate a Trane TWE variable speed air handler. Why put up with anything less?

A Perfect Match.

If you’re looking for the ultimate experience in home comfort we have a suggestion for you. A TWE variable speed air handler combined with any of Trane’s XL series high-efficiency outdoor units not only gives you incomparable comfort, it’ll save you money too. In fact, this combination can save you up to 60% of your current utility bills. Economy, efficiency, and comfort – not bad, huh?

Experience the Comfort-R Difference.

Trane’s exclusive Comfort-R feature represents the ultimate in comfort. Most standard air handlers have only three fan speeds. But with Trane there are 12 different CFM (cubic feet per minute) settings, meaning greater airflow flexibility and an enhanced level of comfort. C.S. Myers and Son, Inc. will help you determine the appropriate setting based on the airflow requirements of your home. Once your specific comfort zone has been established, your home’s temperature will vary much less than a standard system.

The Comfort-R feature gives you even greater humidity control. In this mode air moves over the coil more slowly at start up. This allows the coil to rapidly cool down resulting in increased moisture removal. The Comfort-R feature also gives you a warmer air start-up in heating with a heat pump.

These managed cycles of activity allow us to keep temperature variances within the boundaries of your comfort zone. Imagine the difference Comfort-R could make in your home.

Your present system more than likely swings 3-5 degrees before it goes on or off. With a variable speed air handler those days are long gone. The Comfort-R enhanced mode allows your home to stay closer to your comfort zone. Once you’ve experienced the difference you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.