Preventative Maintenance Service - C S Myers & Son

$195.95 price does not include nozzle, pump screen, tank oil filter cartridge or air filter if needed

15-point inspection and thorough cleaning is comprised of the following procedures and services.

  1. Burner chamber inspection
  2. Heat exchanger vacuuming
  3. Transformer inspection
  4. Drawer assembly inspection and cleaning
  5. Electrode adjustment
  6. Replace burner nozzle
  7. Inspect pump screen
  8. Replace oil tank filter cartridge
  9. Lubrication of all motors and moving parts
  10. Inspect blower belt and blower unit (forced hot air units only)
  11. Remove, inspect and clean flue pipe to base of chimney
  12. Check air filter (forced hot air systems only)
  13. Inspect overall condition of entire system
  14. Provide efficiency test
  15. Clean and wipe down unit cabinet

15% discount on all labor and parts to correct deficiencies found during the preventive maintenance service.

Please call our office for full details, terms and conditions

Comprehensive Oil Burner Service Contract

This contract provides our customers with the following:

  1. Preventive Maintenance Plan cleaning as outlined above.
  2. Daytime service and one after hours call will be rendered during the “Heating Season” at no cost to the customer when interruption of service is due to a malfunction of the oil burner or component parts as outlined under the parts section of this Plan.
  3. “Heating Season” includes October 15 through April 15 as required.
  4. April 16 through October 14 coverage hours are 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.
  5. Heating services requested for and performed during hours other than those listed above will be subject to a charge of one and on-half times the normal straight time rate.
  6. We will replace and repair if defective at no additional cost to you, all the major oil burner components and miscellaneous parts listed below:
    • Burner Motor
    • Fuel Pump
    • Transformer
    • Nozzle, Pump Strainer & Gasket
    • Burner Fan
    • Stabilizer
    • End Cone
    • Igniters
    • Drive Couplings
    • Magnetic Oil Valve
    • Oil Burner Master Control
    • Fuel Tank ($100 maximum coverage on parts & labor)
    • One Circulator Motor (no coverage on water cooled circulators)
    • Fan Motor (no coverage if used with air conditioning)
    • Oil Filter
    • Oil Valve
    • Check Valve
    • Fill & Vent Cap
    • Oil Line and Fittings (basement only)
    • Ventalarm
    • High Limit Control
    • One Standard Thermostat (not digital)
    • Operating or Fan Control
    • Aquastat
    • Standard Draft Regulator
    • Ignition Wires
    • Blower Belt
    • Tank Gauge (basement tank)
    • Circulator Relay
    • Cad Cell
    • Cad Cell Assemblies

All this SERVICE and PROTECTION is available to you NOW for the LOW price of ……….. $349.95 per year


Second Floor and Other Additional Heating Zones Contract 2A………………………………………….$110.00 per zone

The basic contract covers: One circulator motor, one circulator coupler, one thermostat for the first floor heating system. Option 2A covers the following specific items:

  1. Circulator Motor
  2. Thermostat – Heat only
  3. Circulator Coupling
  4. Solenoid Valve
  5. Relay
  6. Motorived Valve
  7. 24 volt Transformer

NOTE: Water cooled circulators and fan timers circuit boards are not covered under any plan.

Please call our office for full details, terms and conditions.