Heat Pump, Geothermal and Air conditioning Plan - C S Myers & Son

$139.95 price does not include air filter if needed.

20-point inspection and thorough cleaning is comprised of the following procedures and services

  1. Check the refrigerant charge
  2. Check the outdoor unit
  3. Lubricate all moving parts
  4. Inspect all electrical connections
  5. Check voltage at the outdoor unit
  6. Check the amp draws on compressor, condensing fan and blower motor
  7. Check belts and drives
  8. Inspect and clean outdoor condenser coil
  9. Check safety controls
  10. Inspect contractor contacts
  11. Check thermostat operation
  12. Inspect starting capacitor
  13. Inspect run capacitor
  14. Check for vibrations and noise
  15. Inspect relays
  16. Inspect, wash or replace air filters if needed
  17. Check physical condition of equipment
  18. Chemical clean coils as needed
  19. Inspect condensate pans, drains, pumps and clean drain traps
  20. Check performance of equipment

15% discount on all labor and parts to correct deficiencies found during the preventive maintenance service.
30% discount on additional scheduled preventive maintenance services for each additional system in the house performed the same day.

Please call our office for full details, terms and conditions