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Heart of Your Home

The Heating and Cooling system is the heart of your home.  It’s what makes your house comfortable and feel like home.  It’s extremely important that the Heating and Cooling System you choose is properly sized, designed, and installed to ensure years of efficient, hassle free comfort.


TCO. Total Cost of Ownership. You must keep in mind, it is not the price of the unit, or the installation, or maintenance expenses that have the high price tag. All expenses combined reveal the true cost and value of each system. It is not until each option has been explored and the TCO for each rendered that a true comparison can be made in the search for the most efficient and most cost effective system for you and your family.

It is important to remember that the most efficient system for your situation may turn out to be the most expensive. Some of the most efficient Heating and Cooling Systems require drilling wells and placing undergroud grids in your yard.

Unfortunately, these can also carry the highest price because they often have a high TCO associated with them. C.S. Myers & Son, Inc. is fully prepared to help you distinguish your best options. We help you find the most efficient, cost effective and comfortable Heating and Cooling System for your home by fully exploring each option and matching your variables to a system that is appropriate.


Comfort is the most important factor to consider when looking for the appropriate Heating and Cooling System for your home. You never want to find yourself having just built or remodeled your home only to find the Heating and Cooling System does not meet your comfort standards.

Common things to be aware of: The temperature difference between rooms should never exceed more then a few degrees and should be relatively undetectable from one room to another.  Ideally, your system should run quietly, and you should never hear, see or feel air flow from the system. Air flow needs to be properly calculated to ensure each room and area of your house be as comfortable as possible. Often this is over looked causing uneven air flow throughout your house. This leaves rooms with too much and others with an insufficient amount of air flow.

C.S. Myers & Son, Inc. is fully equipped to help you find the system that is best for you and your home.


There are a vast array of Heating and Cooling Systems available on the market today. As often advertised, leading systems can be quite efficient. However, this efficiency is determined under a set of variables predetermined within a factory setting. The System is put through tests and tuned to be most efficient under the predetermined variables. These variables may not match the conditions and climate of your house. Hence, the systems being advertised as the most efficient may in fact, not be the most efficient while working in your climate, under your variables. Don’t be fooled by consumer trends. Have professionals help you find the appropriate system for you. A system that will meet your standards of comfort and will run most efficiently in your set of variables.