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The Lossnay Solution – The best possible mechanical solution is to ventilate with a Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system, designed and patented during the time the oil embargo was in effect. Lossnay ERV’s provide your building with the highest degree of energy recovery ventilation possible. Lossnay is the only fixed-plate design to offer both sensible (heat) and latent (humidity) exchange. Additionally, unlike wheel-type ventilators, there are no moving parts in the energy exchange process. There is nothing to wear out and less to maintain.

With Lossnay ERV systems stale indoor air is exhausted to the outside and simultaneously replaced by fresh incoming outdoor air. In the Lossnay energy exchange core the exhausted stale air and the fresh incoming air travel through multiple air passages separated by an engineered, composite-resin, partition plate. Sensible heat transfers from the warmer to the cooler air stream. Also latent energy (water vapor in the gas state) transfers from the wetter to the dryer air stream. The fresh incoming air is automatically preheated or pre-cooled, depending on the design conditions. Additionally, because the two air streams never mix, there is no need to worry about cross-contamination. Lossnay easily satisfies IAQ standards set by ASHRAE in ASHRAE 62-1989 and 90.1, while providing years of cost effective ventilation.

The unique moisture transfer feature of the Lossnay energy exchange core eliminates condensate and frosting in most applications. No mechanical or electrical defrost systems are needed, therefore offering higher heat recovery efficiencies, simpler installation, and more reliable operation. Further, drain pans and condensate handling are eliminated.

Solution for airborne toxins and viruses that can threaten health.

Lossnay Residential and Light Commercial Models

SIZE: 110 and 210 CFM

HE110 and HE210 are ducted, energy recovery ventilators, sized to provide general ventilation in most homes or offices with up to 2,350 square feet of living area for the HE110 and up to 4,500 for the HE210.



Lossnay Institutional & Commercial Models


HE450CF and HE450D are general purpose energy recovery ventilators for the light commercial/special residential applications. They are ideal for school classrooms and meeting rooms and are available in ceiling, wall, or floor mounting. Accessories allow for installation in horizontal or vertical position. HE450D-ducted model available.




HE900 is a ducted energy recover ventilator for commercial use or specialized residential use, i.e. hobby area. It is also sized t provide up to 1,000 CFM of balanced ventilation. A rooftop version is also available.


SIZE: up to 2000 CFM

HE2X900 is a general purpose energy recovery ventilator for many commercial and institutional application. A rooftop version also is available.


SIZE: up to 3200 CFM

HE3X900 is a general purpose energy recovery ventilator for many commercial and institutional applications. Indoor and rooftop versions available.


SIZE: up to 4600 CFM

HE4X900 is a general purpose energy recovery ventilator for many commercial and institutional applications. Indoor and rooftop versions available.

AirMulti School System


Fresh Air Cooling Capacities: 24,000 up to 35,400 BTU/h
Heating Capacities: 23,000 up to 44,600 BTU/h

The School System is a combination ductless-type air conditioner / heat pump and energy recovery ventilator. It provides cooling and heating and the recommended 15 CFM of fresh air per pupil. A hot water coil accessory is available to provide higher heating capacities for colder climate applications.

AirMulti School System

Lossnay P-Series “Express” and C-Series Cabinet Ventilators

SIZE: up to 13,200 CFM

The Lossnay C-Series and P-Series “Express” modular systems allows for on-site assembly of larger arrays of Lossnay energy recovery cores.

P-Series “Express” & C-Series

Lossnay Applications

  • Schools, universities, dormitories, classrooms
  • Offices, condominiums, apartments
  • Smoking lounges, casinos
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers
  • Hotels, motels, departments stores
  • Animal research facilities, university labs
  • Paint storage, mixing/spray booths
  • Clean rooms, circuit board, chip manufacturing facilities
  • Breweries
  • Swimming pools, sports arenas
  • Water and waste water treatment plants
  • Convention centers, airports, prisons
  • Bus and train maintenance facilities
  • Welding, foundry, and casting areas
  • Printing operations
  • All humidity-controlled spaces
  • Product dying operations
  • Indirect evaporative cooling


  • Tested Performance
  • Noticeably Improves IAQ
  • Efficient and Quiet Operation
  • No Need for Condensate Pan or Preheat in Most Conditions
  • Ventilation Without Open Windows
  • Years of Consistent Operation
  • Easy, Hassle-Free Maintenance
  • Static-Core Design Offering Total Enthalpic Energy Recovery
  • No Moving Parts in the Energy Exchange Process Means High Performance with Minimal Maintenance


  • UL or UL Component Listing
  • Powerful Ventilation
  • Thermal and Sound Installation
  • No Condensate or Frost in Most Conditions
  • Added Security
  • 10 Year Warranty on the Lossany Core and 1 Year on all other parts
  • Front and side panel access to all components in stock models
  • Highly Effective Energy Recovery
  • Simple Efficient Design