ClenAir - C S Myers & Son


NO Dyes! NO Perfume! NON-TOXIC

ClenAir™ is a semi-solid evaporant gel that absorbs and deodorizes offensive odors. Not a perfume or masking agent, ClenAir™ is a unique odor neutralizer and vapor absorber.

Originally formulated to tackle really tough situations such as municipal sewage systems and fire restoration work, ClenAir™ is now readily available for residential and other commercial uses.

ClenAir™ is highly effective against tobacco smoke, odor, must, mildew, paints and mastics, even pet odors. ClenAir™ does not support bacteria growth, nor the germination of mold spores. It’s non-toxic, and has FDA approval for indirect food contact (FDA #184 and FDA #178).

ClenAir™ reduces odors safely, easily and effectively! Available in several tub sizes and easy-to-use cylinders that can be placed into attractive wall units. You can even put ClenAir™ into decorative ceramic containers if you wish!

Uses For ClenAir™

Residential Uses

Whenever possible, use ClenAir™ in a confined space near the source of the problem odor (damp smelling basements, litter boxes, garbage containers, etc.) Simply uncap the tub and invert, allowing the contents to rest on the lid. Position ClenAir™ gel where you want, and that’s all there is to it! When the odor problem is solved, the gel may be returned to the container for future uses. For continuous odor problems, the ClenAir™ wall unit is great! Available in beige and white, just fill the unit with a cylinder of ClenAir™ gel. Replace gel when necessary.

For “Whole House Freshness,” place ClenAir™ in the return duct of your heating and air conditioning system. ClenAir™ is great for autos and campers too, and is especially ideal for freshening stored camping equipment.

Commercial Uses

The commercial uses for ClenAir™ are practically endless! Ideal for restrooms, elevators, laundries, office areas, hotel rooms, storage rooms, unventilated hallways and corridors, public transportation, nursing homes, beauty salons, and more!

Whole building odor control can be effected by placing ClenAir™ directly in the HVAC system (return duct / wet well).
Safe for use around children & pets; Approved for indirect food contact.